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The first multi-featured centre for environmental innovation in Monaco,  
          focusing on the well-being of the community and our planet.

We are open  Monday to Saturday (Closed on Sunday)
Coffee 8.00 lunch 12.00 dinner from 19.00

or by phone
+377 97 97 95 9

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Mindful Indulgence
“Conscientiae has partnered with Caviar House in creating a new limited-time-only destination for festive winter gastronomy ..… without the guilt” 

Notre Menu

Notre « Menu pour la planète » de saison changera fréquemment, en fonction des marchés locaux et des récoltes
afin que nos clients soient assurés d'avoir les ingrédients les plus frais et durables chaque jour.

Our Menu

Our seasonal « Menu for the Planet » will change frequently, following local markets
and harvests so that our customers are ensured the freshest, sustainable ingredients every day

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